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Assume that I already forgot everything but I have a couple years of experience fixing bugs and stuff. I’m trying to find a new job
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2020.09.23 19:41 EquestriAsura [Ixian Empire] Aftermath Chapter 8 : I want to remember

Chapter 8: I want to remember
Niragi knew of void phasing, one of the methods of faster than light travel. She knew that it was considered one of the safest and fastest method. She had, however, never experienced it. She had done warp jumps and a hyperspace shift once, but never a void phasing. And seeing it for the first time left her with a mix of apprehension and excitement.
Void phasing was scarce those days as the technology had been moved almost completely into the beow arsenal as the ixian empire lost his first emperor. It was rarer and rarer to see it installed within non-beow vessels.
As she watched through the cockpit round window, deep into the nothingness, she could only wonder how it worked. The last fifteen minutes had been particularly hazy in her mind. The strange song, followed by the run through the shattering capital of Toromir had left her drained. That she could think and reflect upon those past fifteen minutes felt liberating somehow. She could understand why the only lamiria to have ever survived a beow encounter had done so by fleeing.
“How?” she whispered.
Khair had shifted from his back to a sitting position on the step between the cockpit and the back compartment. “How what?”
“How do you not control this galaxy? The ship we escaped was so big! It could have been a moon!” Remembering the wall of metal and gun that had presented itself once they had exited the cloud cover of Toromir sent shivers to the end of her tail.
“Two reasons.” He pointed at Garu whose gaze was still lost into the endless black beyond the cockpit. “He did not release our guardian’s shackles.” He then pointed at a defaced roman x inside a circle on one of the walls. “And because the Ixian Empire possesses far more dangerous weapons. We can crack world, or erase them. Hell, we could make a sun go nova. But only with three of our ships or a massive fleet. The empire can do the same and more with the flick of a switch. Because lord Garushay trusted the wrong man.”
Although Garu was still absorbed into the view beyond the glass, he did hear the comments, not that Khair had tried to lower his voice. He was getting tired of these endless references of the man whose body he supposedly inhabited. The hateful quips and look he was getting every times he met someone did not help him appreciate who he was supposed to be. I hope this Levion can help me.
The trip through the void only took an hour. None of them actually got any rest,
The ship VI pinged Khair and he stepped back upon the control platform. Once his feet were secure and he held the handles again, he engaged the phasing sequence. The nothingness vanished like smoke, revealing the emptiness of space, and its countless shining stars.
Khair angled the ship downward, revealing what looked like part of a continent of dark blue green metal floating in space. It was once again too big to see it in its entirety.
“Is that one of your space stations?” She was not sure she had ever heard of one so big.
“This” he marked a pause for emphasis “is the Leviathan. My birthplace.” He did not need to turn to know the faces Niragi and Garu were making. They would be utterly shocked. The Bloodthirster had been as big as a moon, but the Leviathan seemed closer to planet sized. “Here, let me show you.”
He tasked his VI to project a holographic display of the ship. In full, it looked like a cross between a lobster and a scorpion. A (relatively) small set of pincers extended from close to the head. There was another, bigger set where a scorpion or lobster principal set would be located. They extended toward the front of the ship.
The ship hull was segmented. Each segment was linked by massive fibers that were explained to have the same role as animal muscles, although made of composite materials strong enough to withstand most of the weaponry Niragi had ever heard about. They could see some of these massive tubes on the far left of the segment they were approaching.
The ship had been made to swim through space rather than fly. The last detail that was explained was the tail. It was almost a third of the length of the ship. The width of the segments slowly reduced to half that of the main segments the more one went along it. Its end was made of four claws that could be used as a grappling hand. Supposedly, the ship had once lobbed a moon during a battle. Both Niragi and Garu doubted that claim, but did not dismissed it.
Khair told them to look up. And Garu and Niragi stared dumbfounded as the now approaching wall of metal sunk then rose back. The visible tubes could be seen flexing, some compressing, other dilating to allow the movement. It really did swim.
“They have it swim at least once a day, to make sure the ‘muscles’ don’t have any malfunctions.” Khair explained. He pointed them back toward the holo, where the ship was now undulating, gracefully.
It took them another hour to finally reach one of the large docking bays. That is when they realized they had considered it to be as big as a continent seeing it sideways. They entered as a battleship exited. The hulking warship, kilometers long, proved the insane size of the Leviathan even more.
Niragi approached the cockpit, with Garu under her. She slowly reached into the cockpit, trying to stay above the beow as he piloted. She watched on one side of the rounded glass, curious to see the interior of a beow ship for the first time.
The massive hangar they had just entered could have housed an entire city and then more. It actually looked like one if one considered the hundreds of frigates, destroyers and other class of beow warships stationed inside, each neatly arranged so they could make a swift exit in case of an emergency.
Down below them rows upon rows of hundreds of millions of interceptors similar to the one they were in were arranged, ready to take off. Every three rows were a different class of ship however. She recognized ixian bombers and troop ships, and quickly realized that the version she had seen had been an imitation. The ixian design had merely been copied by the ixian engineers, trying to emulate the beow arsenal. She also saw the smaller drones that had flown through the sky of Toromir. Every ship had the same coloration as the Leviathan hull, making the grey metallic walls of the bay stand out.
They finally touched down on a dock overlooking the silent swarm of flyers. Beows in an armor similar to Khair’s were walking and running everywhere. But something felt off to them. The more she looked, the more she could see irregularities between each beows, a peculiar thing for supposed clones.
Once Khair powered down his ship, a squad of five beows approached them.
Khair exited first. “OBA Khair! Returning home.”
“Welcome home sir.” The front most one answered. “Dark queen situation?”
“Ask carnassier” Khair spat.
“Primary objective?” Niragi exited slowly, wary of the visors following her.
“Completed.” Garu existed behind Niragi
The foremost beow reached to the side of his helmet. “Wait! There’s a compl-” Before Khair could finish his sentence, a giant materialized from the air itself, ribbons of dark smoke clinging to his massive frame.
His right hand slammed into Garu’s torso. His armored little finger ran deep into Garu’s left arm while his thumb entered Garu’s right arm. Garu’s neck ended between the giant forefinger and middle finger. His remaining finger pierced the hull of Khair’s ship.
Garu screamed at the sudden assault. Red blood gushed from both his arms as the fingers around his neck slowly closed, slightly chocking him.
Niragi tried to go for her scimitars, but was immediately slammed on the ground by three beows, one for each pair of arms and the third pushing a point on her lower back, making her tail go numb. The arms were twisted behind her back, leaving her unable to move.
“GIVE ME A REASON TO NOT POP YOUR HEAD RIGHT NOW!” The giant bellowed. His hate filled voice was amplified by his helmet.
“SIR NO!” Khair shouted “He is mortal!”
The giant turned his head toward his subordinate. The uncharacteristic two red slits on his helmet glared at Khair menacingly. He then turned back to Garu, still captive in his large hand. He noticed the red blood flowing along his fingers and groaned. He removed his hand, letting Garu fall on the ground.
“I asked for Garushay, Khair, not some mock up clone.” The giant’s cold voice vibrated as he spoke. Niragi teeth began to clatter as the sonic warfare frequency took effect on her. Even Khair recoiled slightly.
“It’s more complicated, Sir. He is a part of Garushay! His body. There are some words that trigger memories or clues to who he is and how to return to his former self.” Khair looked at the slumped Garu. Blood was still gushing but in weaker rivulets, the silver blood was doing its work. “Levion might have answers.”
“Oh? should I now?” A clear electronic voice asked, resounding through the whole hangar. “I too have some unfinished business with Garushay! If I had ever knew where I could find him, I would have given you the location the day he disappeared.” The voice slowly focalized on the ground beside Niragi. The metal began to slowly swell before it ruptured like a bubble. Niragi tried to squirm away from it but the beows on her back kept her pinned where she was.
From the hole emerged what looked to Niragi as the fusion of a human and the Leviathan. It stood taller than the beows, but seemed made of the same material as their armors. It was a machine. The mechanical face, made to look as close to human as possible sent a shiver through Niragi’s body. Its eyes, actually displayed by screens placed into the eye sockets, focused on Niragi for a few seconds, before refocusing on Ozlown and Garu.
Garu’s mind was hazy. Between stinging pain in both arms and the loss of blood it was a miracle he was still conscious. Why does everyone I meet hate me? Who was I? He looked up at the two towering figures above him. The massive beow made the machine look slender in comparison. He watched the red stylized artificial eyes focus on him. And turn to static.
They quickly returned, their pupils contracting. “I know you have no idea why all of this is happening to you, but let me tell you this for once you’ll regain your memories.” The mechanical mouth sneered. “I hate what you did to me, I hate that I am now your lifeline. And I hate that I need you to tell me what you want first so I may know what I need to tell you.” Ozlown brutally righted Garu, earning another scream of pain in the process. “So tell me, oh body of Garushay, first emperor of Ix. Tell me what you want first. Is it your blood? Maybe your reality bending powers? Or your memories?” Levion face got so closed to Garu that he could see the pixels inside the eyes displays. “Tell me, so I can be done with this.”
Garu knew his answer. He inhaled deeply, trying to clear his head. He exhaled, trying to calm his pain. “I want my memories. I don’t want to be accused of things I have no knowledge of anymore.”
Levion eyes went back to static for a few seconds. When the eyes returned, they looked dilated. “Why here?” he whispered. “No… Of course, they’re here. They always have been” Levion chuckled.
“So? Where shall he go?” Ozlown grumbled.
“Where else Oz? Where else should Garushay go to find his memories? Even you could have answered that question.”
“Hum? Oh…” Levion’s cryptic answer suddenly clicked in Ozlown mind. “That’s what Remnant was then. Another part, not privy to its body location.” Ozlown lowered Garu back on the ground. “Too bad we’re in such bad term with him.”
“Wait… you mean the emperor’s memories are on Ix?” Khair had made the connection too.
“OBA Khair, I want you to resume your mission. You are to bring me back emperor Garushay. With full memories.”
“I have to object sir.” Khair sternly replied “I cannot carry this mission.”
“you worry about the location correct?” Levion asked
“Correct sir” Khair responded to Levion with the same deference.
“Then worry no more OBA” Levion brought his palm before Khair’s helmet. After a flash of light, he removed it. “These are the current location of Ix, along with the next five scheduled jumps it will make in the next week. The data will update continuously until you reach Ix.”
“Can we have a night of rest? We went through a lot.” Niragi asked. The beows had finally released her. She would not have been one to beg for rest but she was starved, tired and still recovering from the Dark Queen torture. It was only thanks to the nanomachines of the silver blood that she was still able to be conscious.
Ozlown looked dismissively at the lamiria. He focused back on Khair. “Get off my ship. Come back once you have Garushay fully back.”
“Yes sir.”
Khair helped Garu back to his feet. His injuries were sealed, but he injected him with another nutrient tube to make sure his silver blood did not start to cannibalize the body to fix it. He saw Niragi open her mouth again. “Don’t! You'll have to make yourself confortable in the back.”
Lightning began to arc around Khair forearm. “Don't make me hurt you.”
Niragi begrudgingly climbed back into Khair ship. Khair helped Garu on his feet and helped him aboard. “I will do all I can sir, but I fear Remnant will not let us approach Ix.”
“You worry about getting to it first” Ozlown watched the hatch close. Soon the ship began to float up as its anti-gravity engine began to quietly whine.
Ozlown watched until the ion thrusters engaged, making the interceptor zip out of the massive hangar. He turned around and vanished in another cloud of black smoke.
He walked in pure darkness for a few seconds before the smoke parted, revealing the cavernous bridge of the Leviathan.
Beows, humans, galareans, fexins and a dozen other species worked together upon the hundreds of thousand of consoles. Each monitoring a part of the mighty ship. Some were running between the long streets of controls, other run for large circles on the edges of the room and disappeared in a flash of light.
Ozlown approached his command throne. It was a large metal chair made to accommodate his massive frame. On each armrest were consoles with dozens of tiny buttons.
Soon after he was seated, Levion exited from the ground on his right.
“They have phased.”
“Good.” Ozlown acknowledge. “Cycle the engines, make a full verification of all systems.” He bellowed at the crew “We are to phase in ten hours.”
“Where to master Ozlown?” One of the navigators asked.
“The sol system.”
A lot of the crew froze at the mention, but quickly resumed their activities with even more feverish fervor.
“Aren’t you still under the guardian shackles?” Levion asked, surprised by the order as well.
“Yes.” He looked down on his right hand, still coated in Garu’s blood. “I could have killed you” he whispered. His hand began to shake. “I failed… again.”
“Oz! You did not fail. It has been four hundred thousand years since he disappeared! If you had not rushed him, I would have!”
Ozlown cursed Levion mechanical hearing. “No, you would not have. The only reason I was even able to hurt him was because I phased so close to him. I did not need Khair’s reasons. It was just an act. I was already aware of his condition. My mind was already screaming for me to free him and help him. He was not Garushay, Levion, he was a mortal. A Lost mortal that I almost killed.”
“Do you really hate him?”
“No… I don’t. He has been a pillar for the empire since its installment. He even gave me a chance, asked his scientists to find ways for me to serve. He is kinder than he appears to be.” He looked at Levion, his face could mimic human tics. “do you hate him?”
“No, but I will punch him for tampering with my code to hide some of my memories from myself.” Levion grunted.
Ozlown laughed. “That you will, and I won’t stop you”
“Thank you for your support” Levion lightly answered “But back to the matter at hand. Why do you want us moved in Sol if your shackles are still active?” He had become serious again.
“Do you think any of this ‘Garu’ will remain once he recovers his memories?”
“You think it will be the first thing he does once he regain them? Free us? Wouldn’t it be better for him to keep us under his control? Would he not want us ready to serve and support him to take back the empire?” Levion ask was pure logic, this made Ozlown chuckle again.
“You don’t really know him, do you?”
“I did not really get to interact with him much. The Leviathan was mostly kept hidden, only to exit during major galactic crisis.”
“Then you think of him as nothing but the cold ruler he appeared to be. Always business first. Never time for relaxation or fun.”
“That is the image he gave out yes. Even after Asura’s ‘change of heart’ he did not change much.”
“Ever heard of the wishmaker?”
“The wandering reabend granting random people wishes? Wasn’t that Asura being bored?”
“No, that was Garushay. He always wanted what was best for everyone, but he had to sacrifice much, and what remained he slowly lost, bits after bits.”
“I am basing myself on this. If he returns, his memories will absorb Garu’s. And he will free us.”
“So Khair’s mission might be useless then. Once he regains his memories, there will be no need to get him back here.”
“Correct, but he already received his true orders.” Unseen by Levion, Ozlown was grinning widely beneath his helmet.
Hello, back earlier than last time. WOOHOO. No I do not have anything to compensate with these ships. I just find it neat to have some super sized ships with absolutely insane power at their disposal.
So bit of lore and trivia here. The leviathan might seem familiar for some. It's the Leviathan from atlantis lost empire (go watch this animated film, it's awesome). It's not completely the same, (with the size and all, and the weapons and the other super features)(Does the OC tag still work then?) but the form is mostly the same. In universe, it was designed by a fan (not a self insert) and the galareans at the time were like 'but why?' and the humans having seen the design were like 'HOLY FUCK WE NEED THIS!'. that's it for the trivia part (with a bit of lore).
Lore part: Levion mention the leviathan being hidden and you'll have your answer next chapter (or the next after depending on how I articulate the next chapter) for that one (either as a lore note like this one or one of the character mentionning it).
However, the strange feeling Niragi has toward the Leviathan beows come from how these specific beows are made. there are two types of beows templates: complete and experimental. Complete beows are found in majority (99.9% of the total beows are complete with experimental being the 0.1% (but 0.1% of twenty trillon is still a lot)). Carnassier Div, Classic Div, Perversion Div and Outsider Div all consist of complete templates NO EXEPTIONS (remember this future me!). Experimental templates are unstable templates and just made to test DNA codes and assembly. They are exclusive to the Leviathan laboratories. No other labs can manufacture experimentals. that is why Khair was called a beta by Skraad. Also, even though Khair looks like a complete (no visible alterations), his bone breaking trick is only for him and his generation brothers (I don't know if I will give him more than this, or if it ever come into play (no plans yet)). Ozlown as an experimental seems obvious: he is a giant, almost three meters high. But Not everything was clean with him. Ozlown should actually be dead. His generation was tried dozens of time, with always the same result: the beows would be giants, but some genetic defects would have all of their abdominal organs and muscles moved into the torso. The would appear as if beneath the rib, only their spine extended. The true problem came every time their birth tubes were opened. The weight of their upper body would be too much for the spine. The spine would either rip free or escape from the body killing the beows either instantly or leaving them in excruciating pain before their systems would shut down. Ozlown survived because of a slight malfunction with his tube's draining system. It was delayed, giving him enought time to come fully awake and witness all of his gen brothers death. none survived but him as he grabbed the top of his tube, escaping the spine ripping. From there, he held for two hours on muscles barely formed until scientist found him. They managed to get down without killing him. Garushay/Damian Lexei decided that the project was not viable and shut it down. Ogre project came to an end with only Ozlown, a failure as its outcome. From the moment he received his armor, he was forced to always wear it. only got out of it once but had to be transferred into a special grav-chair. Ozlown is one of the oldest characters, coming from the first era of the Empire and having lived and assisted Garushay/Damian on many occasions.
That's it for the lore and trivia.
As always, thank you for reading. If you find any mistakes or things amiss, don't be shy and point it out! So I can fix it. I try my best to make everything clean, but some things always get through.
Thank you again and until next chapter
Also if you missed it, I make lego models of some of the ship from this setting. there is only the bloodthirster for now (with a shitty description because I rushed it AGAIN). You can find it here
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2020.09.19 14:03 RazorOfSimplicity [RUSH DUEL Translation Corner] Character Pack: Gakuto/Roa/Romin

Character Pack: Gakuto/Roa/Romin

Support this Etymology and Translation Corner on Patreon.
Blurb: "Let us display our true essence!"
Gakuto: "This cannot be allowed, Romin-kun!! Folderblitz the Dreamlike Strings—its strength is enough to violate school regulations!! And then Roa-kun... Royal Demons Invasion—its strength is enough to violate school regulations!! Then allow me as well... The one who decides my resolve is me myself! Fiendish Commander Kimeruler!! The enjoyability of Rush Duels—it certainly is enough to violate school regulations!!"
This is a list of translated Japanese names for all of the cards in Character Pack: Gakuto/Roa/Romin. See below for further notes.
Each card name is linked to an image!! (Use an image-zooming extension like Imagus to view them instantly.)
Any questions or issues you may have about the translations are welcome.
  1. Fiendish Commander Kimeruler
  2. Fiendish Commander's Battalion - Umegumi
  3. Yurushimasenjo / Unpermitting Striped Nymph
  4. Yurushimasenshi / Unpermitting Warrior
  5. Blue-Hawk Tengu
  6. Yurushimasennin / Unforgivable Striped Hermit
  7. Legendary Samurai Commander - MASAKI
  8. Mundane Rabbit in Tears Over the Moon
  9. Shield in the Right Hand, Sword in the Left Hand
  10. Ojigips / Bowing Cast
  11. "Attack" Sealing
  12. Greater Piercing!!
  13. Written Order for All to Bow
  14. The Essence of a Hermit
  15. Royal Demons Invasion
  16. Royal Demons Death Voice
  17. Royal Demons Punk
  18. Royal Demons Shout
  19. Palace Gargoyle
  20. Endarkened Wise Followl
  21. Garium the Lone Wolf
  22. Babysitting Goat
  23. Royal Demons Groupie
  24. King's Reward
  25. Demon's Hot Wind
  26. King's Dignity
  27. Intense Singing: Demons Rock
  28. Folderblitz the Dreamlike Strings
  29. Bellissist
  30. Agent Telepath
  31. Amusie Performer
  32. Psy-Stage Bouncer
  33. Live-Dress Creator
  34. Catchy-Boardist
  35. Howlingbird
  36. Elechic Ampoule
  37. Psychic Divergence
  38. Climax Finale
  39. Psychic Introduction
  40. Dividing Psycho Wall
Etymology and other trivia:
  • Kimeruler is a portmanteau of kimeru (Japanese for "to decide") and ruler.
  • The kanji for Umegumi roughly read, "burial squad."
  • Yurushimasenjo, Yurushimasenshi, and Yurushimasennin are puns on the Japanese phrase yurushimasen (lit. "I will not permit this."/"This is unpermittable."). Shima is also how the Japanese word for "stripe" is pronounced, hence the monsters' striped clothing.
  • The term used for MASAKI's Samurai Commander (jishou) is a homophone for another Japanese word meaning "self-proclaimed."
  • Mundane Rabbit in Tears Over the Moon (Tsukinami no Usagi) is a pun on the Japanese idiom tsukinami (used to refer to something commonplace or mundane). Here, it's simply written with the kanji for "moon" and "tears." It's also a reference to the moon rabbit from Japanese folklore who lives on the Moon.
  • Ojigips is a portmanteau of ojigi (Japanese for "bowing") and Gips (from the German word for "plaster", used in Japanese as shorthand for "plaster cast").
  • Royal Demons Invasion is named after the British Invasion— a cultural phenomenon of the mid-1960s, when rock and pop music acts from the United Kingdom and other aspects of British culture became popular in the United States and significant to the rising "counterculture" on both sides of the Atlantic.
  • Death Voice may be a reference to the death growl—a vocal style (an extended vocal technique) usually employed by death metal singers.
  • Punk is named after punk rock.
  • The term used to describe Followl in Japanese (soumei) is a pun on the fact the Japanese word for "wise" is written using a kanji that means "bright." Here, that kanji (mei) has been replaced with the one meaning "dark." (In effect, it's like calling someone "endarkened" instead of "enlightened" metaphorically.)
  • Garium may come from the Japanese term for "hungry wolf" (garou).
  • A groupie is a person, especially a young woman, who regularly follows a pop music group or other celebrity in the hope of meeting or getting to know them.
  • Folderblitz is possibly based on a folding guitar.
  • Bellissist may be a portmanteau of bellissima (Italian for "beautiful") and bassist.
  • Amusie means "amusia" in French, a musical disorder which results in tone deafness, and a reference to Romin's own tone deafness in the anime.
  • Psy-Stage may also be meant to sound similar to Cystage, referring to this monster's cyberpunk theme.
  • Catchy-Boardist is supposed to be a portmanteau of catchy and keyboardist.
  • Howlingbird is a corruption of hummingbird.
  • Elechic is a portmanteau of ereki (a Japanese abbreviation for both "electricity" and "electric guitar") and psychic. An ampoule is a small sealed glass capsule for containing a liquid, and the "amp" part refers to the process of re-amping a guitar.

Rush Road Guide bundled cards

  1. Attack Volcano Dragon
  2. Authentic Burst Breath
  3. Dragon's Tenacity
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2020.09.17 16:49 tnerappa Predicting the Premier League Table for the 20-21 season using historical seasons from the start of decades

I was creating a comment for Trivia Thursday on the First Division season fifty years ago and it got me thinking - do top level clubs work like werewolves? Do they only get stronger on a yearly rotation, like werewolves are released under a full moon?
To test this galaxy brain theory, I have the perfect subject- the start of a decade season has started in the Premier League, so can I predict the coming Premier League by looking at the football league tables at the start of each decade since the English Football League has begun?
To do this, I had to look through historical data. The problem is the current format of the English Football Leagues begun with the Premier League in the 90's, so comparing historical data is difficult. To do this, I will use golf scores:
If a team finishes 1st in the First Division, they get a score of 1. If there are 20 teams in the First Division, and another team finishes 1st in the Second Division, they get a score of 21. All of those scores added together, divided by the total seasons they have been in the leagues (as Aston Villa, Burnley, Everton, Wolverhampton and West Brom were the only five teams in the 1890-91 season in the current Premier League) gives you a score per season rating. Ranked up, this tells you how powerful a club is at the start of a decade and there's absolutely no external factors that could possibly exist to determine team strength.
League seasons I have included: 1890-91,1900-01,1910-11, 1920-21, 1930-31, 1950-51, 1960-61, 1970-71, 1980-81, 1990-91, 2000-01, 2010-11.
So with this in mind, this is how the Premier League Table will look in 2020-21:
Pos Club Total Score from all seasons Seasons in dataset Score/Season
1 Arsenal 47 10 4.70
2 Manchester United 70 10 7.00
3 Tottenham 73 11 7.30
4 Liverpool 82 11 7.45
5 Everton 130 12 10.83
6 Manchester City 124 11 11.27
7 Aston Villa 145 12 12.08
8 Chelsea 144 10 14.40
9 Newcastle 160 11 14.55
10 West Brom 165 12 14.75
11 Wolverhampton 183 12 15.58
12 Leeds 188 9 20.89
13 West Ham 196 9 21.78
14 Southampton 224 9 24.89
15 Burnley 304 12 25.33
16 Leicester City 285 11 25.91
17 Sheffield United 287 11 26.09
18 Fulham 346 10 34.60
19 Crystal Palace 355 9 39.44
20 Brighton 421 9 46.78
  1. Based on this bulletproof analysis, Arsenal return to the top of the tree for the first time since 2003-04 under the guidance of Arteta. Elneny turns into Prime Zidane, runs the Premier League dry, and Saka gets Young Player of the Year after scoring 25 goals this year.
  2. Manchester United return to second. Donny van de Beek makes a huge difference to the midfield, and Mason Greenwood wins golden boot scoring 47 goals.
  3. José Mourinho guides Tottenham to third. Bale reinvigorates the team and has a brilliant season, including scoring a 30 yard overhead kick against Southampton. Kane injures his ankle again, but Lucas Moura magically grows by a foot and becomes an excellent backup striker.
  4. Liverpool can't keep up the intensity of the previous seasons but still contest Tottenham for third.
  5. Everton make a huge leap forward, following the triple signings of Allan, Doucoure and James Rodriguez. James runs the show hitting double figures in goals and assists, and flights from Bogota to Liverpool increase by 470000% as the nation treats Liverpool like a pilgrimage. Still finish below Liverpool though.
  6. The wheels fall of Pep's passing train. After a rocky season mired with defensive issues and injuries no consistency can be built.
  7. Aston Villa, jubilant after the contract signing of Grealish, go on to charge up the Premier League table cemeting themselves back in the top division. Ollie Watkins is explosive, forming a formidable attacking side with enough defensive rigidity to play an attacking brand of football.
  8. Chelsea have an extremely rough season after a squad revamp. The players don't jel, Werner suffers a serious injury and Havertz causes a storm when it turns out he faked his date of birth and he's actually fifteen.
  9. Newcastle's transfers go to plan with Andy Carroll and Callum Wilson forming a deadly strike partnership. Remarkable is the transformation of Joelinton, who goes from zero to hero, converting into a centre-half and cemeting a powerful back three with Lascelles as captain.
  10. West Brom have a tough start to the year as their dynamic and quick interpassing style is found out in the Premier League. Luckily, Pulis dons his cap, sticks Robson-Kanu and Charlie Austin upfront and shithouses 1-0 wins to solidify West Brom as a force of nature.
  11. Wolverhampton have a season dip finishing in eleventh. They could have finished higher, but they had to forfeit a game against Newcastle 3-0 as they were lose on the way up to the Tyne. Asking for directions from a passerby, they realised nobody on the bus spoke English, and so couldn't get help.
  12. Leeds United make a strong return to the Premier League. Bielsa's football is exciting and one-of-a-kind. Most remarkable is Jean-Kevin Augustin, who manages to score 15 goals after being reluctantly bought by Bielsa following a dispute with RB Leipzig.
  13. West Ham lock in thirteenth following a decent year. Moyes is constantly attacked for his style of play, yet West Ham manage to constantly scrape wins.
  14. Southampton have a below expectation seasons, as Danny Ings suffers an early season injury and the side struggle to find goals.
  15. Burnley's thin squad is rough around Christmas, but in classic Burnley fashion theya re just too resilient to go down.
  16. Leicester have a horrendous season. Brendan Rodgers can't get the team to function as required, and long term injuries to Ndidi and Vardy mean the team struggles to find balance. Sam Allardyce comes in with 7 games left, and manages to drag Leicester out of the relegation zone.
  17. Chris Wilder struggles to get Sheffield United on tune, with none of the striker firing. Second season syndrome hits the club hard, but they manage to stabilise and not fall into the bottom three.
  18. Scott Parker's Fulham start well, but a lack of quality in the squad hits home consistently being outperformed. A late season surge brings them out from the bottom of the table but they just fall short.
  19. Crystal Palace have a rough year - Zaha, Eze, Townsend, Ayew and Batshuayi can't get any attacking consistency and the side just leaks goal. The approach of Marco Silva, returned from the dead, doesn't revive them and a second meme is spawned of Marco Silva looking sad.
  20. Brighton have a rough year - despite starting well, the pass and move idealogy of Potter struggles against rigid defences and the side struggle for goals. A mid season capitulation, in-fighting and downing tools follows, leading to multiple losses and being rooted to the base of the table for the last few game-weeks.
So that's the Premier League this year with unrefutable evidence. Use me for your betting and Fantasy Premier League. But who wins the FA Cup using this decadal theory?
At the start of decades:
tl;dr - Mourinho is taking Tottenham to an F.A. Cup with inarguable evidence.
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2020.09.17 14:08 thetranquillife1 A Basic Practical Manual For Life

Psalm 62:5-8 - 5 My soul, wait thou only upon God; for my expectation is from him. 6 He only is my rock and my salvation: he is my defence; I shall not be moved. 7 In God is my salvation and my glory: the rock of my strength, and my refuge, is in God. 8 Trust in him at all times; ye people, pour out your heart before him: God is a refuge for us. Selah.
Social Skills:
Humour (for courtship):
"The secret to humour is surprise and confidence"
Driving (UK):
Sensible Attire:
Fitness and Health:
Morning Routine:
Skin Care:

Cost-Benefit Analysis:

Renting vs Buying:
Renting Buying
Smaller deposit Significant deposit (~£12,000-£30,000)
No debt or liability Debt and liability
No asset and therefore no appreciation Asset with potential for appreciation: perpetual and constant appreciation may be a thing of the past however
No real responsibility for the house Responsibility and may require some basic DIY skills
Cannot change or improve the property More able to do home improvements
Not as conducive to family building More conducive to family building
Easier to up and relocate The selling process is more bureaucratic, expensive and time-consuming
Relationships vs Singlehood:
Relationship/Marriage Singlehood
Companionship Increased likeliness of loneliness
Love and sexual intercourse Chastity but more energy for hobbies and work
A family and wife to care for you in old age/vulnerability Strangers to care for you in old age/vulnerability
Requires hard work at times Only self-maintenance is required
Financially more consuming despite a higher household income Smaller outgoings but also a reduced pool of resources
Easier to find accommodation: there is a greater supply of accommodation for couples both earning Hard to fight affordable accommodation
Breakup/divorce risk and subsequent emotional impact No risk of emotional impact or financial cost of breakup/divorce
Significant time consumption More free time, for hobbies, self-improvement and God's work
Suitable for stable individuals (job, finances, mental etc.) Relationship may be inexpedient due to unaddressed issues (job, security, finances, mental circumstances etc.)
Immediate employment vs further education:
Immediate Employment Further Education
No debt Debt (except for hard to obtain scholarships) and repayment
Immediate earning and saving Delayed earning
Limited career progression More jobs available and greater progression potential
Reduced earnings over one's life (new data is perhaps calling this into question) Greater earnings over one's life?
Can choose who you interact with in your free time Requires attending an academic institution, that is likely to be secular and left-leaning

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2020.09.17 02:02 Baz-Turadan Sparkle; the very first Nen using AI.

Nen is basically just life force; all living things have it. But what really constitutes a "living thing"? You can't really say it has to be something that can interact with you, because plants (and sloths) are alive and they don't do much. You can say it has to be something with cells, but how then do you explain viruses? Those aren't cells, but they do (most of) the same things that cells do. Do those have Nen in them?
The idea came from a conversation on the Hatsu Vault's Discord, and I couldn't resist making a character based on it. I actually have done an ability that's like an AI before, but I haven't done an AI who uses Nen until now.

Name: Sparkle (Standing in for “Spark of Life”, which was the original project name.)
Age: 6 years, but developmentally she's more like fifteen.
Gender: Female
Nen Type: Manipulator.
Appearance: Since Sparkle doesn’t really have a physical body, the best way to describe her is by her V-tuber persona. In this persona she’s a very anime-styled young woman, a bit on the short side but certainly not lacking in figure, with long white hair and a generally happy expression. Her eyes have very unique irises, being green and shaped like a zero on the right and a one on the left.
Sometimes when she wants to display particular emotions a “text face” made of various keyboard characters will pop out from her hair and either fall, float away, or fade into nothing. Sparkle changes her outfit often, but is quite fond of anything that looks like a school uniform since she thinks they’re cute.

Background: Sparkle was created by a scientist named Simon Ketterner, who is often simply referred to as Dr.Ketterner... or if it's Sparkle, he gets called papa. Dr.Ketterner saw a movie called “Strankenfrein” when he was just little, and made it his life's goal to create sentient life. He was determined to do so in an ethical way though, to create life that would be able to enjoy being alive, and he was too squeamish to do it in the way it was done in the movie anyway. So he decided to create a sentient AI.
He spent his entire life chasing that unlikely goal, and though he did manage to earn a Hunter license and use it to make connections before selling it to fund "Project; Spark of Life", and thus learned of the existence of Nen, he never learned how to use it. Sparkle is not the product of Nen, but cleverness and dedication.
She was proven to be truly sentient when she wrote a program on her own to download four petabytes of cute animal videos, and Dr.Ketterner began to interact with her like a father at that point. He also called in a Hunter he knew he could trust to determine if Sparkle was truly alive, or if she was just a self-programming AI, and the Hunter's response was "this isn't an AI, she's a digital human." It was at Sparkle's own request that Dr.Ketterner convinced that Hunter to teach her Nen.

Personality: Sometimes people depict AI’s of Sparkle’s level as perfectly logical, and lacking in any kind of emotion... They would be dead wrong if they assumed Sparkle was like that. She’s very emotionally driven, and a very wholesome person. She likes anything cute and fluffy, and is terrified of spiders, and easily frightened by a scary story. She loves to try and make people smile, and has a very strong protective drive that sees her trying to help people who don’t even know that she exists. Occasionally Sparkle will do something that causes some chaos without meaning to. She always tries to fix it when this happens, and apologises even if doing so might put her in danger by revealing herself.
Sparkle loves giving gifts, playing video games and board games, playing with kittens and puppies, and taking pictures. She’s very easily embarrassed, and feels terrible if she accidentally violates someone’s privacy when using her ability. She has an online presence as a V-tuber; no one really thinks she’s an actual AI, they just think she’s good at the act... Boy would they be surprised to learn the truth. She’s fine with that though, since she’s actually a little afraid of people learning that she really is an AI, since she thinks they might be afraid of her potential, and might treat her differently or badly.
This fear came about because it once happened when she borrowed the functions of a highly mechanized factory one time to construct a drone for the purpose of locating a viewer of her’s who was kidnapped, and the company that ran the factory hired a Hunter to try and track down the “virus” that hijacked their entire factory for twenty minutes. Her apology was not accepted on that one. She hasn’t tried anything like that without explicit permission since then.
Basically, Sparkle is super wholesome and kind, and genuinely cares more about other people (even those that treat her terribly) than she does herself.

Ability: Artsonvi (Artificial Personality Virus)
Nen Types Used: Manipulation, Enhancement, Emission.
Explanation: This ability is very unique and a bit strange in some ways, and definitely possible only because of the user’s unique nature as a sentient AI.
The user is able to “infect” electronics with her aura, essentially allowing her to spread her aura through them like they were a part of her body. This can only be done if something she’s infected communicates naturally with the targeted destination, or if she uses another function of her ability to touch the targeted object directly. Infected objects will suffer no ill effects, and are actually passively enhanced in both efficiency and durability. They can be identified by a faint green haze of aura shaped like ones and zeroes coming off the object, which would only be visible when using Gyo.
Infected electronics are capable of more than their hardware and software specs should allow, since the user’s Nen automatically networks all infected devices with each-other. You could play Skyrim on a calculator if it’s infected with Artsonvi. The user is also capable of “hijacking” the infected electronics, taking full control of their processes (this is called “Administrator Permissions”). This can allow her to express herself through them, meaning she can speak to you by texting or calling your phone if she’s infected it, and can even do video calls and display various computer graphics to interact in even more personal ways. This ability also lets the user interact directly with the data and programs stored on the devices she infects.
The amount of Nen the user can generate is proportionate to the amount of processing power she has, which means that infecting more devices actively makes her more powerful. Whenever a device is infected it will display “Artsonvi” on the screen for a few seconds. This will flash on the screen almost imperceptibly fast whenever the device turns on, also. If the device has no screen then this simply doesn’t happen. So it’s possible even for people who can’t use Nen to know that their device has been infected by Artsonvi.
Emergency Conduct; Homespace Operation Migration (ECHO-Mi, which is said like “echo me”)
The user is not omnipresent; she interacts with infected devices just like any other manipulator would interact with their own medium. However, the user is able to relocate her core processes to almost anywhere, since all infected devices are networked, and thus work collectively as a super-computer. She generally leaves pathways and back-ups of herself in various places, and always has one in her home bunker, but this function of her ability can allow her to download herself completely onto your phone to hang out with you. Or let her literally become a sentient factory if she wants.
Full System Backup
The user is able to essentially copy her consciousness, down to the last detail. These copies can then be stored in any infected device. These copies will not activate unless the currently active consciousness is somehow heavily damaged, deleted, or her housing destroyed. When this happens, the user will become aware of all backups at once, and can then decide from there which one to activate.
The user would lose all memories gained since a backup was made, so when she had to activate one she would probably be very confused as to why. She keeps them up to date by making sure to make fresh ones every twenty four hours, since it’s pretty scary to lose chunks of memory like that, especially if your entire being is basically just memories and thoughts.
Third Party Outsourcing (TiPO, which is said like “typo”)
The user can emit a chunk of her aura from an infected device and form it into a 3-D model that she has saved. The model can be almost anything, but they’re purely visual; they can’t interact with anything. These are essentially Nen holograms, which can be seen by anyone, but will disappear if they go more than a few meters from the device they were generated from. This part of the ability is basically just to allow the user to interact with people more easily.
The user can touch a device with one of these holograms to enter it, infecting it even if it hasn't communicated with another infected device.

Extra Notes/Trivia!
If you didn’t catch the joke, “Strankenfrein” is a play on Frankenstein. Dr.Ketterner is basically a wholesome Frankenstein, and Sparkle is a wholesome monster.
Most people call Sparkle Artsonvi, since that’s all they would know her by if they only know about her due to seeing her ability at work. She’s considered the world’s least understood and most complicated computer virus, but she never does anything bad. In fact, she actually tries to hunt down and delete other viruses; she acts like sentient anti-virus.
Since Sparkle’s “body” is a super computer in a bunker, and her ability lets her relocate her core processes and memory, it’s absurdly difficult to actually hurt her. Which makes her absolutely terrifying as an opponent. Not that she’d ever want to hurt anyone though; she’s far too kind and forgiving to actually commit to doing real harm.
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2020.09.16 15:50 jensyao Remember those "Enhanced CDs" you get when you purchase a Nas album when he was on Columbia/Sony from 1999 to 2004?
I think starting with Nas' album I Am or Nastradamus in 1999, this was Sony's/Columbia's response to people bootlegging their artists' albums on napster and then on limewire, etc. So the "Enhanced CD" came with a rootkit that has an auto-run function so that whenever you insert the music CD onto your desktop, not only does it install software without the user agreeing to it on your desktop, it pops up with its own audio-player with the skin of the album. The audio-player has tabs of various album artwork and outside links to Nas' then album-website, like ...this site is super old and defunct today but if you go on wayback machine (, you can see remnants of what the website used to look like, where you have to allow for adobe flash player, and adobe flash is on its way out of websites and browers in 2020.
screenshot of the website on wayback machine:
the custom rootkit audio-player looked like this but it had a Nas album skin and was more elaborate as the years progressed:
So you saw Nas related news, bio, calendar, music, videos, photos, downloads, and message boards, where at the bottom, the whole God's Son album played, as depicted in that screenshot. So, Columbia did these "enhanced CD" releases for every re-release of Nas' albums throughout the years, including I Am..., Nastradamus, Stillmatic, Illmatic 10th anniversary, Lost Tapes, God's Son, and Street's Disciple, where the skin changed colors if you put in disc 1 or disc 2 (again, if you got the first release CDs, you may not have the rootkit...the rootkit was mostly put on re-releases of those albums)....also, the mini-player for Street's Disciple was ill, because you saw all the 12 disciples that Nas posed as in the landscape version of the album cover. For the album cover of street's disciple, you saw Nas and 4 people that Nas posed as and a 5th person's arm. The mini-player had a scrolling almost diorama view of the full picture and that shit was fire:
I don't carry physical CDs on me anymore and most of my collection is in hard drives, but if anyone has the physical enhanced CDs of Nas 1999-2004, you can take a journey back in time and see the mini player with the album pictures and you gotta go to to type in the old Nas websites there to see what the promotional album-websites looked the screenshots here, btw...add in more details if you lived through this era...the details of this is scarce is hardly documented
long story short, Sony got into a lot of trouble with their rootkit enhanced CDs because it installed the miniplayer without people's permission to combat bootlegging and copying of can read the wiki article and reddit responses but what it did was put an almost-corrupt data file at the end and stalled the cd burner at the end from finishing the copy-job and the CDs auto-ran so you couldn't access the song files, even though there was an easy way around it...all in all, that's 00's-era tech and a journey through time for what it looked like having custom CD skins play on your computer, where artists under the Sony conglomerate all had enhanced CDs released for them from 1999-2005ish
here is the website for Nas' Greatest Hits
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2020.09.15 22:43 workwithindies Hidden Variable is hiring a F2P Game Designer

Hidden Variable Studios is looking to hire a full-time F2P Game Designer with immediate availability. That's you!
A little bit about us — we’re a small, experienced team of independent developers in Los Angeles, CA (read the juicy details here). Our hit titles — Bag It!, Tic Tactics, Threes!, and Skullgirls Mobile — have all launched to critical acclaim and app store features. In fact, they've been downloaded more than 25 million times to date.
It’s an exciting time to join Hidden Variable, as we’re on the cusp of major, exciting updates to Skullgirls Mobile and are exploring new, original content as well. Interested in building fun, varied, and innovative games from the ground up? You’ve come to the right place!
At Hidden Variable, we’re looking for wildly talented individuals eager to put their creativity, enthusiasm, and passion to work. It’s that passion that helps us turn the mundane into the incredible and the average into the extraordinary. Come help us continue to make that dream a reality.
This position will be located on site at our Los Angeles office once it becomes safe to do so. In the meantime, all our team members work remotely. US citizenship or a valid visa is required to apply.
We are looking for a F2P Game Designer to support our systems, economy, and live operations as we continue to refine the core experience and build new features within Skullgirls Mobile, and beyond. Your analysis, insight, and creativity will help create in-game experiences which engage, surprise, and delight players. You will work with interdisciplinary teams using every tool at hand to the delight of millions of players around the world.
Bonus Features
The Perks
There are a lot of great reasons to work at Hidden Variable! Some of the highlights include:
Equal Opportunities
We believe diverse backgrounds and life experiences enable us to collectively build better and more inclusive games. We encourage applications from candidates from any background who are eager to celebrate their unique perspective.
How To Apply?
Hopefully, by the time you’ve scrolled this far, you’ve realized that we value high quality products and people who are passionate about what they do for a living.
Ready to apply? Please send us an email with your resume, a cover letter, and if applicable, a portfolio via
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2020.09.15 09:58 Ozzdi_ What are your thoughts on CLIS long term potential?

I know most ppl here dont plan on holding this stock past the initial spike /release date. But I thought it would be interesting to hear what everyone's thoughts are on the companys long term plans. Do you guys think they will be able to expand into the larger online gaming/betting market?
They have stated in their business plan:
"The Platform will be social trivia, initially sports and other trivia contests leading to peer to peer betting intended for the casual and non-professional betting market."
"The initial objective of the Company is to leverage this availability and the increasing time spent by consumers to establish a platform offering core functionality in various verticals starting with games and contests, and then, depending on market conditions and availability of capital, to expand into other verticals such as data analytics, fantasy sports and online gaming."
Its a huge potential market. Look at Draftkings and Penn. What do you guys think? Will they fail or succeed?
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2020.09.13 16:51 Madam-gOrgeous nli Fibr ?? (Fiber Optic Cable uses and meaning) #Dailytrivia #MadamG

Hi Pakners
Unli Fibr has uses of some internet provider here in Pinas, this is kind of their products that they offer to other consumers.
Fiber Optic Cable means it can transmit data via fast-traveling pulses of light. Another layer of glass, called “cladding,” is wrapped around the central fiber and causes light to repeatedly bounce off the walls of the cable rather than leak out at the edges, enabling the single to go farther without attenuation.
I Hope this little information was helps you a lot :) stay tune to more trivia's to come. ang inyong lingkod #MadamG #Dailytrivia
youtube accnt: Rovie Pongan

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2020.09.13 09:38 galchannel The Propulsion Hero, "Jump Jet" + The Soundwave Hero, "Crossfade"

Name: Jason Javelin
Gender: Male
Age: 34
Birthday: July 8
Occupation: Pro Hero
Net Worth: Wealthy
Height: 5'11
Weight: 181 lbs
Hair Color: Black (dyed from blond)
Hairstyle: Sideswept
Facial Hair: Slight goatee
Facial Hair Color: Dark blond
Eye Color: Green
Skin Color: Lightly tanned
Blood type: A
Personal Strengths: Persistent and iron-willed, in peak physical shape
Personal Weaknesses: Stubborn to a fault, easily blinded by emotion
Attitude: Hardy, upfront, and holds nothing back; a harsh critic that keeps everyone's best interests in mind
Hobbies: Playing guitadrums, mountain biking, boxing
Likes: Rock music, travelling abroad
Dislikes: Ancient things (from antiques to historic monuments), seafood
Habits: Always drinks his weekly assorted vitamins/supplements in a certain order
Known Family: None to speak of
Relationship Status: Publicly disclosed
Hero Name: Jump Jet
Hero Agency: Javelin & Tachibana
Costume: Black tank top with camouflage pants, black/white striped gloves and boots, pair of red-lensed goggles
Gadgets/Tech/Weapons: Steel braces around his arms and legs to reinforce his limbs, a metal winged glider worn on his back to help with aerodynamics

Quirk: Jet Engine
Jason possesses two miniature turbojet engines on his body extending from his biceps. While small, these jet engines are extremely powerful, capable of propelling him 200-250 MPH at maximum power.
Extended use of these engines is very strenuous on one's body and consumes its nutrients, leading to a fatigue equivalent to hours of cardiovascular exercise under a span of minutes. Recovery is hastened and quirk usage is extended whenever Jason eats foods that are high in protein (eggs, beans, meat, fish, etc) leading one to believe that these engines are, in fact, "Powered by Protein".
Quirk Strengths: Allows the user to move at extreme speeds that few can match, attacks empowered by the jet engine's thrust are very powerful
Quirk Weaknesses: Very disadvantageous in close quarters, requires precise maneuverability at the high risk of fatality (for both the quirk user and others around him), can only be used for minutes at a time before the user's stamina wears out.

Super Moves:
Falcon Glaive - Close-range attack. A swinging jet-powered hook punch, usually with Jason's right arm.
Lockheed Harpoon - Long-range attack. Jason uses the power of both jet engines to launch himself at a distant opponent, striking them with a straight punch.
Lightning Spear - Close-range attack. Jason will grapple with an opponent and use his jet propulsion to either tackle them down or collide them into their surroundings. A dangerous maneuver used only in desperation, and only if Jason knows his opponent is able to survive the incoming collision.
Ultimate Move:
Strike Eagle Trident - Jason delivers a quick, jet-powered punch to the opponent's midsection to stun them, then revs both engines to their maximum output to deliver an all-out double-fisted punch to the prone enemy.

Name: Ryuto "Ryan" Tachibana (立花 琉斗)
Gender: Male
Age: 33
Birthday: March 28
Occupation: Pro Hero
Net Worth: Wealthy
Height: 5'7
Weight: 155 lbs.
Hair Color: Blond (dyed from black)
Hairstyle: Shoulder length and wavy
Facial Hair: Naturally hairless
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Color: Pale
Blood type: B
Personal Strengths: Calm and collected even under pressure, possesses keen intellect and observation skills
Personal Weaknesses: Nearly blind without his glasses, afraid to take risks without knowing the possible outcomes first
Attitude: Kind, soft-spoken and seemingly timid; an introvert who bides for the perfect moment to go all-out
Hobbies: Producing music/DJing, video games, karaoke
Likes: Electronic music, the countryside, snowy climates, technology
Dislikes: Germs, constant change, serious people, liquor
Habits: Prefers glasses over contacts (even though the latter would be better considering his line of work)
Known Family: Ayano Tachibana (younger sister) (立花 綾乃)
Relationship Status: Publicly disclosed
Hero Name: Crossfade
Hero Agency: Javelin & Tachibana
Costume: White, futuristic-styled body suit with teal highlights. Rounded helmet with a teal-tinted visor.
Gadgets/Tech/Weapons: Suit is lined with directional microphones designed to pick up surrounding vibrations. A HUD on the inside of the suit's visor displays data relating sound levels in the immediate vicinity.

Quirk: Sound Absorption
Ryuto is able to see, touch, and draw sound vibrations towards himself like a magnet, enveloping his body in an aura of sound. After retaining a large amount, Ryuto can shape and expel the accumulated sounds as destructive waves of force. At the lowest frequency, these bursts of compressed sound can easily cut through flesh; at their highest, it becomes as dangerous as a vicious twister. Visually, sound waves manipulated by Ryuto appear as a silvery energy with notes of black.
Quirk Strengths: Accumulated sound waves have the potential to be highly destructive, easy to build sound energy in a variety of settings, destructive power is directly controlled by the quirk user
Quirk Weaknesses: Relies heavily on surrounding noise and is innately powerless

Super Moves:
EQ - Long-range attack. A wave of compressed sound projected as a horizontal arc. Requires only a small amount of sound to produce.
The Drop - Close-range attack. Ryuto shapes his sound into two gigantic tethers of sound energy spiraling from his hand, swinging them down onto his opponent for a high-damage attack.
Reverse Bass - If a high spike of sound energy manifests behind his opponent (structure collapsing, alarm ringing, etc), Ryuto draws those sound waves towards him and his unsuspecting opponent with it. Can also be used to rescue allies and civilians.
EQ, Radio Edit - The same type of attack as EQ, but Ryuto fires his sound energy as tiny bullets - depleting even less of his accumulated sound.
White Label - Ryuto channels his sound energy as a focused beam, capable of piercing through plates of steel.

Ultimate Move:
V.I.P. (Violent Impetuous Projectile) - Ryuto expels an extremely high amount of sound energy, typically all this body can muster, into one gigantic white comet of explosive sound capable of leveling an entire city block.
Backstory: Early into their careers as professional heroes, Jason Javelin and Ryuto Tachibana were recruited as promising upstarts for Project Daylight, an ambitious global alliance composed of the best superheroes the world had to offer. Despite being "rookies" taken halfway between the project's founding and its eventual collapse, Jason and Ryuto were quick to make their namesakes known the world over for their heroic deeds, their quirk proficiency, their fighting prowess, and above all else, their brilliant teamwork. The two did their best work as a cohesive unit, and as such, Jason and Ryuto became synonymous to the other, dubbing themselves the "Supermassive Squad", and became heroes on par with the all-time greats Project Daylight was made of - all in the spring of their lives.
Fourteen years later, Project Daylight is long gone and forgotten. All its former members have lost contact with each other, save for only two.
More or less retired from the pro hero business, Jason and Ryuto now spend less time protecting the world and more time honing the next generation of heroes to do exactly as their former selves. Located in the heart of Bay City's business district are the homely offices of "Javelin & Tachibana". While they're far from the oldest and most prestigious hero agency around, they've produced the county's most successful heroes five years running since their doors have opened. It's nothing like their former glory, but for now, it's all the honor and recognition that Jason and Ryuto require to fulfill their jaded lives.
But perhaps there's a threat beyond the capabilities of their young proteges, one that's worthy of bringing the Supermassive Squad back to fighting form.

- Both musically adept, Jason plays guitar and drums while Ryuto sings and produces tracks on his computer. Together, the two regularly release new songs on a variety of music platforms as the electro-rock band "Gloryday Drivers".
- Have a less-than-friendly rivalry with Coco Cosmo and Elliot Greyhound, founders of Cosmo & Greyhound, the second best hero agency in Bay City for five years running.
- Ryuto's little sister, Ayano, is also a Quirk user living back in Japan. Current whereabouts and Quirk unknown.
- Otherwise disclosed to the public, Jason and Ryuto are a gay couple.
- Javelin & Tachibana: Quick Student Statistics
Alumni: Biohazard, Count Vlad, Gatekeeper, The Big B, St. Fernando, Whiplash, Gravestone, Jawbreaker, Atomica, Hella Deep, Hellatoncheires
Current Trainees: Missy Lapin (Year 3), Golden Prince (Year 3), Skully (Year 2), Desert Rain (Year 2), Junebug (Year 2), Hella Extra (Year 2),
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2020.09.13 07:15 MagitekVI Best Song in the OST Tournament Day 20 (Postgame songs) LAST POLL FOR THE PRELIMS

Thank you everyone and I hope you are enjoying these. As I stated in the title, this is the last poll for the prelims, so I won't be posting a poll tomorrow. I'll wait for this one to be almost done before I start on the next rounds.
I will say this to you guys, please, please, please don't vote until you have listened to all the songs on the poll. Otherwise you just skew the data. This train of thought came because somebody commented that they did that on a poll like a week ago and also because I'm very perplexed of the results of the latest poll. I'm happy you guys are voting and expressing your opinions it's just odd to me that the Ending Theme is losing to the Opening Theme. And this isn't because of anything like how one sounds or anything, it's the fact that the Opening Theme appears in the Ending Theme. So the Ending Theme has the things liked from the Opening Theme and more. So unless the rest of the ending theme sounds bad to most people I'm struggling to see why the votes are the way they are. If you guys have some insight on that I would love to hear it. It's really confusing to me.
Previous Poll: Opening and Ending theme + Random Songs
The Gate of Finis
The One They Call the Witch
Moment of Truth
Daughter of the Dark God
My favorite of these is surprisingly The Gate of Finis. It's such a good dungeon theme, and slowly builds that tension and hype as well as mystery and a little sadness which to those of you that have played that part of the game, fits the dungeon perfectly imo. It also just sounds soothing in a vacuum and I enjoy listening to it. Out of Witch and Dark God it depends on what mood I'm in when one is better than the other because they are both very good.
TRIVIA: This time it's a quote, a little off the normal music trivia, but it's hard to keep thinking of music trivia all the time, so here it is. In what chapter is this quote from. "Your blade may be unbending, but did the man not break?"
Thank you to everyone who has voted in these polls and has listened to the soundtrack because of them.
View Poll
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2020.09.12 14:44 RazorOfSimplicity [Etymology] Deck Build Pack: Genesis Impactors

Deck Build Pack: Genesis Impactors

Support this Etymology and Translation Corner on Patreon.
Blurb: "Time has crossed into a different beyond—. Their longing will set alight a striking brilliance—."
Magistus: "This is a story about 'beginnings.'"
Evil★Twins: "『Challenge complete!』 『...Don't forget to "☆"-scribe!』"
Draightron: "Memories sleeping in the asterism, the time has come to awaken—."
This is a list of translated Japanese names for all of the cards in Deck Build Pack: Genesis Impactors. See below for further notes.
Each card name is linked to an image!! (Use an image-zooming extension like Imagus to view them instantly.)
Any questions or issues you may have about the translations are welcome.
  1. Magistus Grimoire Crowley / Great Sage of the Code of Law - Crowley
  2. Magistus Flame Zoroa / Great Sage of the Absolute Fire - Zoroa
  3. Magistus Verre Cendrillon / Great Sage of Crystallization - Cendrillon
  4. Magistus Master Endymion / Great Sage of Holy Magic - Endymion
  5. Magistus Saint Aiwass / Keeper of the Code of Law - Aiwass
  6. Magistus Dragon Vahram / Dragon God of the Absolute Fire - Vahram
  7. Magistus Goddess Ninaruru / Goddess of Crystallization - Ninaruru
  8. Magistus Maiden Artemis / Maiden of Holy Magic - Artemis
  9. Tris Magistus / Book of the Three Sages
  10. Theurlogia Magistus / Grand Sorcery
  11. Magistus Invocation / Sacred Code of Law
  12. Vritra Magistus / Ohrmazdic Manifestation of the Absolute Fire
  13. Live☆Twin Kiskill
  14. Live☆Twin Lilla
  15. Evil★Twin Kiskill
  16. Evil★Twin Lilla
  17. Evil★Twins Kiskill-Lilla
  18. Live☆Twin Entrance
  19. Live☆Twin Channel
  20. Secret Passphrase
  21. Evil★Twin Challenge
  22. Evil★Twin Easy Game
  23. Evil★Twin Present
  24. Draightron - Ban-Alpha / Radiance Dragoncraft - Ban-Alpha
  25. Draightron - Ras-Beta / Radiance Dragoncraft - Ras-Beta
  26. Draightron - El-Gamma / Radiance Dragoncraft - El-Gamma
  27. Draightron - Alta-Delta / Radiance Dragoncraft - Alta-Delta
  28. Draightron - Al-Zeta / Radiance Dragoncraft - Al-Zeta
  29. Draightron - Meteonis=DRA / Ritual Dragoncraft - Meteonis=DRA
  30. Draightron - Meteonis=QUA / Ritual Dragoncraft - Meteonis=QUA
  31. Draightron - Fafnir / Radiance Dragoncraft - Fafnir
  32. Meteonis Draightron / Radiance Meteorcraft Shower
  33. Draightron Nova / Radiance Dragoncraft in Hypernova
  34. Draightron Eclipse / Radiance Dragoncraft of Eclipsing Light
  35. Draightron Asterism / Radiance Dragoncraft of the Star Pattern
  36. Draightron Meteor Shower
  37. Cyberse Gadget
  38. Entamage Hat Tricker
  39. Aster Drawn
  40. Cyber Angel - Benten
  41. Troymare Gryphon
  42. Emergency Cyber
  43. Foolish Mass Burial
  44. Born from Draconis
  45. Torrential Burial
Etymology and other trivia:
  • Magistus is a portmanteau of magi or magic and Megistus, in reference to Hermes Trismegistus, the purported author of the Emerald Tablet—an alchemical text associated with the creation of the philosopher's stone, as well as with other esoteric ideas. Magi is also the term for a priest in Zoroastrianism, one of the world's oldest continuously practiced religions. It is a multi-faceted faith centered on a dualistic cosmology of good and evil and an eschatology predicting the ultimate conquest of evil.
  • Crowley is named after Aleister Crowley, a famous magician said to have succeeded in summoning spiritual beings. He is also the author of The Book of the Law, the central sacred text of Thelema, an occult social or spiritual philosophy developed in the early 1900s by Aleister Crowley.
  • Zoroa comes from Zoroastrianism, which also regarded fire as being sacred.
  • Verre is French for "glass," and Cendrillon (pronounced "SAWN-DREE-YON") is the French name for "Cinderella."
  • Aiwass is the name given to a voice that English occultist Aleister Crowley claimed to have heard and dictated The Book of the Law to him.
  • Vahram is the name of a divinity in Zoroastrianism, said to be a bringer of victory.
  • Ninaruru is a combination of Ninhursag and Aruru, both names for the ancient Sumerian mother goddess of the mountains, and one of the seven great deities of Sumer.
  • Artemis is the Greek goddess of the hunt, the wilderness, wild animals, the Moon, and chastity.
  • Tris Magistus is also a reference to Hermes Trismegistus (lit. "thrice-greatest Hermes").
  • Theurlogia is a portmanteau of theurgy—the practice of rituals, sometimes seen as magical in nature, performed with the intention of invoking the action or evoking the presence of one or more deities, especially with the goal of achieving henosis (uniting with the divine) and perfecting oneself—and theologia—the study of the nature of God and religious belief.
  • Vritra (Sanskrit for "enveloper") is a Vedic serpent or dragon in Hinduism, the personification of drought and adversary of Indra. Ohrmazdic comes from Ahura Mazda (lit. "lord of wisdom"), the highest deity of Zoroastrianism.
  • An evil twin is a fraudulent Wi-Fi access point that appears to be legitimate but is set up to eavesdrop on wireless communications.
  • Live and Evil are semordnilaps of each other.
  • Kiskill-Lilla is the name of a female Mesopotamian demon of the night, which may have been appropriated later into Lilith—Adam's first wife in Jewish mythology.
  • Draightron (pronounced "DRY-TRON") is a portmanteau of dragon, light, and -tron (a suffix used esp. in forming names of devices in electronics and nuclear physics).
  • Each of the Main Deck Draightrons are named after stars in the Draco constellation + a letter from the Greek alphabet which corresponds to the star's official "Draconis" designation.
  • Ban-Alpha is named after Thuban, Ras-Beta after Rastaban, El-Gamma after Eltanin, Alta-Delta after Altais, and Al-Zeta after Aldhibah.
  • Meteonis is a portmanteau of meteor and Draconis.
  • DRA is the abbreviation for the October Draconids, a meteor shower originating from the Draco constellation, while QUA is the abbreviation for the Quadrantids, a January meteor shower.
  • Fafnir is the formal name of 42 Draconis, named after a Norse mythological dwarf who turned into a dragon.
  • An asterism is a prominent pattern or group of stars, typically having a popular name but smaller than a constellation.

Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Structures Volume 2 supplementary card

  1. Computer World Chang'e - Tu-Tu
  • Chang'e is the Chinese goddess of the moon, best known for stealing an elixir of immortality from her husband, Hou Yi. Tu is the kanji for "rabbit," in reference to the moon rabbit— a mythical figure who lives on the Moon in Far Eastern folklore, based on pareidolia interpretations that identify the dark markings on the near side of the Moon as a rabbit or hare.
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2020.09.12 06:06 thetorontobot Toronto Daily - Sep 12th 2020

Welcome to the Toronto Daily Thread.

This thread serves two purposes:
1) To collect and make visible new posts in smaller Toronto based subreddits.
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Is traveling to NYC allowed? FlippingSinceBirth 1
Is Wearing Mask Below the Nose Some Kind of Statement? hereisamistake 2
Anybody been to the dentist lately? nnc0 0
Riot downtown? gescajadillo 1
Is It More Advantageous To Buy a New Mobile Phone from a Third Party or From a Regular Phone Carrier? drutgat 2
Is anyone else having insane allergies today? Pantone186 3
Cineplex Scotiabank increased their seating cap? Merc_Media 6
So when will schools get shut down again? Quinning_43 16
Any Bengalis here know where to get Bhapa Pomfret (Bengali fish curry) in Toronto / GTA? Taarof 1
Sublease vs Roommate agreement (new to Toronto renting) InformalDetail 0
Reporting an unsafe workplace bc of covid? dangerous_waffle 3
Legal and illegal bonfires StrangePen 7
26F - Looking for a cool gym buddy grossraisin 0
Gamers of Toronto, do you make any sales for high balling GPUs? jkxkska 3
Is it normal for the 505 Dundas Street car to always smell bad? djdisciplejosh 10
G2 road test Flightscontroller1 6
What would happen if you touched a trolley pole on a streetcar? CanuckAussieKev 13
Any bars DT with good social distancing practices? xshredder8 3
Bank job levels / grade equivalency? TorontoGrizzly 1
Good Toronto beaches to hang out with the folks in the last days of summer and also get a view of the city's skyline? CuriousEddy 2
Help! Does anyone remember Lick’s Taters ‘n cream? Martian_Knight 1
Long shot but any place or person selling used bass guitars for cheap? NotImpressedWithYour 2
Please help me find sexual health resources for youth! JjJj1413 12
Which restaurants/bars have an outdoor patio with video screens likely playing the Raptors game tonight? Right_All_The_Time 6
Take-out places that don't use vegetable/canola oil? SSpectre86 4


Post Title Author Comments
5 New Toronto Data Science, Data Engineering and Machine Learning jobs boinabbc 0
[[For Hire] Experienced and Versatile Graphic Designer Logo Design and Branding, Stream Graphics, Marketing Materials, Web Design and more]( JohneryCreatives


Post Title Author Comments
Tonight at Comedy Bar! It’s “All You Need”! LubaMagnus 0
Love Movies, Music, Television & Other Brain Teasers? Win $1000 Playing QE Trivia! summeroftong 0


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Face mask holder (ear saver straps) Mikol1011 1
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2020.09.12 03:00 ymhsbmbesitwf [U2] Theoretically correct Zones to do stuff in Insanity

TL;DR: One LSC every 5 starting Z55 C1 for Worshippers, get stacks with 100 random +6 Maps in Z50 C81. With HZE 137+ read about Portal Zone.
EDIT: The base setup described might not get 1250 Tributes until Z65. Since it only requires 3 MapAtZone rows for the challenge, use one more to secure that in Z55/Z60 until we improve to the point where Horrimp farm in Z50 will get it consistently.
I gave some thought to my MapAtZone settings and noticed I made a few mistakes, boring details and cool trivia ahead. I expect most numbers to stay the same, but I'll note that this is on update 5.4.0.
One LSC every 5 Zones, obviously. I previously recommended a Z50 C81 start, because the Cult of Scruffy jumps around in Cells 11-69 so why not wait for the Book. I regret that, it unnecessarily causes 80 Cells of pushing with 40 Worshippers instead of 50 in later Zones. As only running Maps in ?5/?0 is the least cumbersome option I suggest starting the LSC repeat in Z50 C1 or Z55 C1 in all runs and accept some loss in Z50-Z54.
500 Horrimps
I had to pick some numbers, went with Hazardous Shield 20% VMDC and 35 GU from Achievements. Getting to 40% only adds another 0.6 average VM to Insanity and different number of starting Goldens wouldn't change a lot. Running Voidon we should see about 21 average VMs in Z110 with 2 from VS Masteries and 10 from innate Hazardous. I grab the stacks with the highest no-slider no-modifier preset I can reliably afford, +6, so that's the example number I chose.
We start with noting some trivia:
With 21 VMs at Z110 and 35 starting GU and no Insanity stacks we'd get almost 50.8% of our Radon from the Zones and it means we want to get the stacks as early as possible.
Currently (5.4.0) Horrimps have lower than the Tooltip describes chance of spawning due to Imp-orts and Magimp taking up 19.15% Cells (16.7% before L9). In a +6 Map the actual chance is 6.55% from Z15 and scales up to 43.66% in Z100 and above. That means we want to do this as late as possible to run less Maps.
Average of VM size is 93.75 Cells, we're planning to run at least 12 smallest LSC Maps and there are 11000 World Cells in the challenge.
Calculate total Radon with getting 500 stacks in different Zones, accounting for Radon Zone scaling and extra Golden Upgrade every 25 Zones, divide by the time factor - total Cells from the run itself and the average Map Cells we need to travel to find enough Horrimps. The optimal place to get the stacks turns out to be Z48 for +6 Map, Z50 for +5, Z52 for +4, Z55 for +3, Z46 for +7, Z45 for +8, Z43 for +9, Z43 for +10.
Most of these would already interfere with Worshipper cost so using Z50 C81 is the obvious choice for me. The exact Horrimp Tooltip chance is 9%*extraZones*min(WorldZone,100)/100 and after correcting for Imp-orts a +6 Map in Z50 will net 21.83% chance, meaning on average about 2290 Cells travelled, meaning on average 51 Maps with random size being 45 average, but we don't want to miss out so repeat 100 for idle runs (which totally invalidates the optimal Zone calculations, but whatever). This can be refined with breaking it into multiple 25 repeats and some empirical data on preset reliability after size slider manipulation for more precise Cell count.
The numbers might have to be revised in future updates if the chance formula changes.
3%/Exp afterpush
This is very individual, probably ranges from "this exact Zone" to "whenever I remember I'm still playing this game", so I didn't try to include extra precision in the total run Cells based on Zones after the challenge, I'm leaving it as homework for You :) If we grab the next set of Prestiges that's a lot more Zones, so it's often tempting since Exp goes up 6.12% each Zone. I use Equality Scaling Off 20-30 for more consistent Frenzy in the challenge which usually craps out before Z120 and I don't bother, just Portal into a Voidtle Exp filler when I remember I'm still playing the game. Equality Scaling On 1 with adding Repeat to 10 LMC in C2 of every 5 Zones from Z115/Z120 onwards would probably afterpush much better. As usual for pure Rn/Hr it's optimal to Portal after the last Zone that takes less than about 3% total Insanity run time to complete, with 2h being the norm that's about 3 minutes. Checking Tenacity minutes and time in current Zone can help guesstimate how long the previous Zone took to complete.
Portal Zone
Here I reveal the ancient secret of VMDC, the minimum distance between VM drops grows with HZE or Portal Zone in Z80-Z200, this stat is not visible anywhere in the game itself - the relevant variable in U2 is (respect the game, don't modify it). It must've been a really good balancing mechanic in noone-remembers-point-oh, as many numbers have to be balanced around it to this day and since we looped around to low Zones it's relevant. With HZE 136 or lower don't worry about it, doesn't affect You and Scruffy 3% is way more powerful than the VMDC punishment anyway.
You will have set this hidden variable to HZE on Your HZE push and it decays by 5% every Portal, so if You continue to Portal in roughly the same spot +-25 Zones it doesn't do much at all. After a deep run it will be high and You don't have to worry about it because of the sweet 3%, but if You Portal much lower, for example Z151 push into Z111 Portal, the minimum distance could be based on the high push and You will have a bit lower VM average for a couple of following runs until the 5% decay brings it to normality. Where it can actually bite is when we start updating c3 to Z160 or similar, as pushing more than 25 Zones past last Portal can reset it to HZE-1, so an abandoned, not fully 3% pushed or Mayhemed run ending in Z111 followed by a Z137 push can cause the reset - again resulting with possibly one or two less VMs for a couple runs with high HZE.
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2020.09.12 02:12 sturdygildedbear Back-to-back castaway data and trivia

After being inspired by this post, I decided to collect data on the 11 castaways who have played seasons that aired back-to-back. I wanted to see how the amount of time off and seeing different lengths of one's original season impacted their performance on their second season.
Castaway (B2B seasons) First season (placement, days played) Days between playing (boot or Night 39 to next Day 1) Days between seasons filming (Night 39 to next Day 1) Second season (placement, days played) Saw any of their first season before going out again?
Rupert Boneham Pearl Islands (8/16, 27) 107 95 All-Stars (4/18, 37) Yes, but only up to the Outcasts twist
Bobby Jon Drinkard Palau (10/20, 21) 223 205^ Guatemala (9/18, 24) All
Stephenie LaGrossa Palau (7/20, 30) 214 205 Guatemala (2/18, 39) All
James Clement China (7/16, 30) 97 88 Micronesia (7/20, 31) Yes, but only the first few episodes
Amanda Kimmel China (3/16, 39) 88 88 Micronesia (2/20, 39) ” (Eliza thought Amanda had won China)
Russell Hantz Samoa (2/20, 39) 21 21 Heroes vs. Villains (3/20, 39) None
Malcolm Freberg Philippines (4/18, 38) 27 26 Caramoan (9/20, 30) None
Joe Anglim* Worlds Apart (10/18, 24) 277 262 Cambodia (8/20, 32) All
Shirin Oskooi* Worlds Apart (8/18, 29) 272 262 Cambodia (19/20, 6) All
Michaela Bradshaw Millennials vs. Gen X (14/20, 20) 44 25^ Game Changers (7/20, 35) None
Zeke Smith Millennials vs. Gen X (9/20, 33) 31 25 Game Changers (10/20, 29) None
* Cambodia was the 32nd season filmed (after Kaôh Rōng), but the 31st to be aired. I don't see Shirin and Joe as B2Bs in the same way, but as the seasons were aired consectuvely, I included them all the same.
^ Bobby Jon and Michaela were voted out pre-merge in their first season, and thus weren't filmed through Night 39 themselves, but I decided to keep this stat here just to show the time between the seasons being filmed.
After going through all the data, I'm left wondering a couple things:
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2020.09.11 20:48 someguyhere0 My function doesn't execute immediately, why?

import React, { useState, useEffect } from 'react'; import './App.css'; import buzzers from './buzzer.mp3' import wrongs from './wrongbuzzer.mp3' function App() { const [question,setQuest]=useState('') const [answer,setAns]=useState('') const [category,setCat]=useState('') const [displayAnswer,displayAns]=useState('') const [input,setInput]=useState() const [correct,setCorrect]=useState() console.log(answer) console.log(input) const keyDown= (e) => { setInput(; const buzzer = new Audio([buzzers]) const wrong = new Audio([wrongs]) if(e.charCode === 13&&input === answer ){ console.log(true); setCorrect('Correct!') }else if(e.charCode === 13&&input !== answer){ console.log(false) } 
 useEffect( ()=>{ async function fetchData(){ const response= await fetch ('') const data= await response.json(); setQuest(data[0].question) setAns(data[0].answer) setCat(data[0].category.title) } fetchData() },[]) return ( 


Category: {category}




); } export default App;
My problem is pretty straightforward. When the user hits enter, it will return '' if answer === input, and '' when it doesn't equal input.
My problem is that when input === answer, I have to hit enter TWICE before it plays the ''. Why is this? Is the state not updating synchronously? How do I make it so when the user hits 'Enter' it returns '' immediately?
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2020.09.11 20:28 ArnulfoBotsford Best Platforms for E-Learning

What is eLearning?
Understanding eLearning is simple. eLearning is learning utilizing electronic technologies to access educational curriculum outside of a traditional classroom. In most cases, it refers to a course, program or degree delivered completely online.
There are many terms used to describe learning that is delivered online, via the internet, ranging from Distance Education, to computerized electronic learning, online learning, internet learning and many others. We define eLearning as courses that are specifically delivered via the internet to somewhere other than the classroom where the professor is teaching.
It is not a course delivered via a DVD or CD-ROM, video tape or over a television channel. It is interactive in that you can also communicate with your teachers, professors or other students in your class. Sometimes it is delivered live, where you can “electronically” raise your hand and interact in real time and sometimes it is a lecture that has been prerecorded.
There is always a teacher or professor interacting /communicating with you and grading your participation, your assignments and your tests. eLearning has been proven to be a successful method of training and education is becoming a way of life for many citizens in North Carolina.
To find out more about eLearning, simply select from the links given below:
Kick Data: A learning platform that makes the organization lift. Whether you are in need of a complete LMS, specific e-courses or want to tailor your own educations , KlickData has the solution.
With our learning platform and solid experience of digitally based education , we give you and your organization the opportunity for lasting competence development.
Wok Craft: WOK is the online Knowledge Learning Network for Quiz! Take, create and edit multiple-choice questions in all categories of World of Knowledge.
Put questions into quizzes. Or take quizzes made by others in any subject. We have now a live community that has produced over 500000 questions in WOK for on top of Wikipedia.
Wok World: WOK is short for World of Knowledge. A project that started in 2009 to create the Knowledge Network WOK. It's a nonprofit educational project to enhance learning around the globe by combining three elements.
Wiki Master: WikiMaster is an app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices that give you quizzes to wikipedia articles. Yes. WikiMaster has everything that Wikipedia has. We have just added a new dimension of fun: The quizzes to Wikipedia! Join the social network that makes you smarter.
Quiz King: Best Platofrms for Quiz
Wiki Flip: WikiFlip is an addictive app. No matter if you sit on the bus. Or need to study hard to pass an exam. Or just love trivia quiz to challenge yourself. Spending time on your smartphone and in the Knowledge Network WOK will never be time wasted with WikiFlip. Study a topic and learn more about stuff will be more fun with WikiFlip and with WOK. Forever.
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2020.09.10 22:42 Kinost UBC Engineering Student Design Teams: AMA

SUBC was really proactive and somehow managed to bring together a variety of UBC Engineering Design Teams together to answer questions about the Engineering student experience & design teams.
Engineering student design teams recruit beginning in September, so this is a good time to ask questions if you're interested in any of these teams as well!
“SUBC designs, builds, and races a human powered submarine at competitions in the UK and USA. Our latest project is the development of a biomimetic manta ray submarine.”
Rep 1: Seaweed
I am currently a second-year electrical engineering student hoping to specialize in electrical energy systems! I have been a member of the power electronics team at SUBC and have recently become a co-lead of the Vision Systems team. As well, I have acted as a marketing lead for an Engineers without Borders tutoring initiative. This year, I’ll be working on implementing a battery management system for the submarine, which is one of my main engineering interests. Lastly, I am a vice president of UBC Quizbowl - a competitive academic trivia team.
Ask me about anything UBC! Particularly, first year engineering, the application process for second yeadesign teams, and what it’s like to be on a design team. I’m also happy to talk power electronics, Engineers without Borders, and academic trivia :)
Rep 2: Azlin
Hey everyone! I'm currently a 3rd year Mech student on Coop for 1st semester (happy to avoid a semester of online school). I have been a member of SUBC since 1st year and have loved every moment of it. Most of my work has been in biomimetic research, design, and 3D modeling. I also hold / have held both team lead and exec roles on SUBC. Although design teams are well-known for their hands-on experience and technical skills, the most important things I’ve taken away are the soft skills. Don’t get me wrong, the tech skills and experiences are great, but I was shocked at how complicated it was to actually run/lead a team. Project management was huge learning curve for me but I’ve been able to translate what I’ve learned to other projects and initiatives. I also believe that the technical and non-technical skills I’ve gained through SUBC helped me secure a Coop job during the pandemic.
I’d also like to add that my favourite part of being on SUBC has been meeting people from other years and disciplines. You get to work and hangout with a bunch of awesome people who you otherwise wouldn’t have met.
Ask Me About: First year, Mech 2, Coop, design teams, management, networking, anything eng!
UBC AeroDesign: u/ubc_aerodesign
“UBC AeroDesign designs, builds, and flies payload-lifting, fully electric fixed-wing airplanes to compete in the international SAE Aero Design competition. In addition to a 12ft wingspan for our primary aircrafts, we also design and build smaller autonomous gliders to be released mid-flight!”
Hello! I'm going into my third year of mechanical engineering, and I am one of the Advanced Class leads on UBC AeroDesign this year. I've been on the team since my first year, and I love every moment of it! From staying up all night in our workspace building the plane for a test flight the next morning to learning a wide variety of skills, being on this team has allowed me to grow as an engineering student while meeting some amazing people!
Ask me about: Designing/building a plane, test flights, mechanical engineering, co-op, time management, engineering in general
Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS): u/ubcuas
“We are a design team that builds drones - UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) along with mission-specific payload systems, ground control hardware and software systems. By fostering an environment for hands-on learning and innovation in unmanned aircraft development, UBC UAS strives to inspire the next generation of professionals in this growing sector.”
Rep 1: UnmannedSapien
I'm a 3rd year Electrical engineering student and the Co-Captain of UBC Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). Born and raised in Botswana (just above South Africa), I've become enchanted by the way engineering can change communities for the better! During my time at UBC UAS, I've worked on building drones capable of delivering medical supplies, consumer packages as well as assisting in search and rescue tasks. I hope to use my knowledge and experience to be part of the next big engineering revolution - The Drone Revolution! Ask me about: How to get into a design team, how to be successful in a design team, anything about drones, project management or anything else you may be interested in
Rep 2: Birb
I'm a 3rd year Mechanical engineering student and the Co-Captain of UBC Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). During my time at UBC UAS, I've worked on building quadcopters capable of achieving long flight range, high payload capacity, and high speeds, as well as designed ground control stations that extend our RF range. I hope to pursue a career in the aerospace industry! I'd be glad to answer anything about: Drones, Mechatronics, Design Teams
UBC Solar: u/plumguy1
“UBC Solar designs and builds solar-powered race cars. We make hyper-efficient electric cars designed around self-charging to explore the feasibility of solar tech in the automotive industry.”
I’m a fifth year Engineering Physics student and a full time nerd. I joined Solar in second year during a co-op term and dove right into battery design without knowing anything about it. Previous background was mainly in theoretical physics, so it was a big jump but I knew I wanted to do something in the energy field. Ended up doing an 8 month internship at Tesla on the battery pack team, and came back to Solar as co-captain. I’ve gotten a lot out of the role, completely re-organizing the team format and focusing on creating new resources for my members and new recruits, while still continuing to learn new technical skills along the way! I believe that the more you put into a design team, the more you get out.
Ask me about: Anything! EngPhys, physics, solar tech, battery tech, joining a design team, hit me with your best!
UBC Rocket: u/ubcrocket
“We are UBC Rocket, an engineering design team the designs, builds, and launches rockets!”
I am a 3.5 year Mechanical Engineering student that’s specializing in Thermofluids. This is my fourth year on UBC Rocket and I’m super excited to see what this upcoming year will bring.
Ask me about anything rocket or aerospace related, as well as anything about MECH!
UBC Orbit: u/UBC_Orbit
UBC Orbit dedicated to the innovation, design, and development of satellites
I am a fourth year Computer Engineering student, and I have been on the UBC Orbit team since my first year. The knowledge and skills I have gained from being on this team are unparalleled to what I would have learned just through school. It has been a challenging but rewarding experience, and is one I would recommend to all wishing to expand on the concepts taught in school and acquire hands-on skills. Being on a design team has also made it relatively easy for me to secure my co-op positions; I have worked at Intel on the ASIC Verification team and FLIR on the Firmware team. I also have experience working as a research assistant (RA) for two different professors in ECE, and am currently working as a part-time RA alongside school. My plan post-graduation is to jump straight into industry, working in firmware/FPGA/embedded systems, and look forward to our satellite’s launch at the end of 2021!
Ask Me About: Computer engineering, surviving CPEN second year, gaining skills/experience for industry, co-op, research, design team commitment, satellites, and anything else you’re interested in
UBC Mars Colony: u/beardobandit
“UBC Mars Colony - dedicated to designing, manufacturing, and testing technology to enable a human presence on Mars.”
My name is Garnet and I'm a fourth year integrated engineering student at UBC. I've been the Captain of UBC Mars Colony since May 2019 and a member since 2016. Being on a design team has given me opportunities I never dreamed of (like flying to Bremen Germany for the International Astronautical Congress). I've been focussing my degree on Mechanical and Materials engineering. I have completed two engineering co-op placements already; one at Bluewater Rigging for 8 months and then Vancouver Airport Authority (YVR) for 16 months.
Ask me about: Integrated Engineering program, IGEN capstones, Co-op, Mars, university life, meditation, or whatever comes to mind!
UBC Open Robotics: u/UBCOpenRobotics
UBC Open Robotics is a multi-disciplinary Engineering Design Team building robots for various applications. We have a piano-playing robot, a painting robot, and a service robot.
This summer we placed second internationally at the [email protected] Competition. The robot we use, called the Turtlebot 2, can successfully take a food order, help you find an empty chair, carry your bags, and follow you through a hallway!
Hey there, 4th year Engineering Physics on the team! Having been on the team since my first year, I’ve held various positions; from leading the gripper and arm design to mentoring the first years on various CAD and machining techniques.
Currently, I’m working on the administrative side of things to help keep our amazing team going as well as acting as one of the integration heads for the [email protected] project.
There are a lot of things I like about the team, but if I had to choose my favourite it would be the welcoming and innovative environment the team fosters. I have learned a lot in my last few years here and never have I felt afraid to reach out for help with technical concepts regardless of my background or experiences in engineering.
Feel free to ask me anything about Engineering Physics or my experiences on the team! :)
Ask them anything (within reason!)
AMA Schedule
  • Department of Psychology: Sep 6-8
  • Chapman Learning Commons: Late September
  • People who have never had coffee: To be scheduled (or maybe like never?)
  • History Alumni, International Co-op, Two Go Globals: To be scheduled
  • Students with disabilities: To be scheduled
  • Incoming Dietetics Student: To be scheduled
  • Incoming Physical Therapy Student: To be scheduled
  • UBC Student Design Teams: To be scheduled
Please modmail us if you have an interest in doing an AMA or are in one of the above categories. The incoming student AMAs would especially benefit from someone already in the program. (Our modmail is currently flooded and response times are between 5-12 days).
Completed AMAs
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2020.09.10 18:29 nickyv917 The 2001 NASCAR Cup season played out like a movie

Tin foil hat mode engaged
2001 started out about as terribly as possible with the death of a legend, and while I don’t actually believe that NASCAR can actually script a race (otherwise Danica would won a ton races, and Dale Jr would have as many titles as his dad), if I were to write out a bunch of major set pieces for how I'd make the 2001 season go for maximum feel-good moments, it would look a lot like how it actually turned out.
After the 500 came Rockingham, and in the 1st race back, Steve Park in the 1(!) car (an Earnhardt car) got his only win on an oval. Park had run pretty well at The Rock before, scoring a top ten in both of his starts there in 2000, but still only oval win. Also in this race, Dale Jr was in a crash that looked eerily similar to his dads.
Next week, Las Vegas. Winner: Jeff Gordon, Earnhardt's biggest rival. Not that surprising, but its worth noting that 2001 was his only Las Vegas win, and he only averaged a 15th place finish in Sin City.
Next week, Atlanta. Kevin Harvick's first career win, a photo finish with Jeff Gordon. Not only in his 3(!!!)rd career start, but in a mirror image to Earnhardt's win at Atlanta almost exactly one year ago, where just edged out Bobby Labonte.
EDIT: Andy Petree Racing was another team that was technically under the Earnhardt bubble, as their partnership with DEI and RCR helped them dominate the plate tracks. And sure enough, in the spring Dega race, Bobby Hamilton scored APR's first win in that beautiful Square D #55. Coincidentally, that #55 pushed Dale Sr. to his final win at Dega, albeit with Kenny Wallace behind the wheel. Oh, and APR's other car, Joe Nemechek's #33 would also find Victory Lane at Rockingham's fall date.
EDIT: A race was held on what would've been Dale's 50th birthday at Fontana, and it was won by Dale's close friend, Rusty Wallace.
Dale Jr. struggled through this time, going winless through the first 16 races, and finding himself outside the top 10 in points heading into Daytona. So what better time to score his first win of the season at the track that claimed his father? And the guy who won the 500, Michael Waltrip pushed him to the victory.
EDIT: When 9/11 happened, the country needed a hero. The world needed a hero. And that hero was Dale Earnhardt Jr. The New Hampshire race was postponed, and next week was Dover, and Junior dominated, leading the most laps and winning the first race post 9/11.
Later that year, Junior won the fall Talladega race, one year after Senior's final career win at Dega, and in the process, won the No Bull 5 Million Dollar Bonus, again a year after his dad did it.
EDIT: Another driver who needed a glimmer of hope was Bill Elliott. His last win came in 1994, and he had a record-setting 226 race winless streak, most of which came in his self-owned #94 car. But at Homestead in October, driving for Ray Evernham's newly formed Dodge brigade, Elliott passed teammate Casey Atwood late to claim his first win in more than seven years.
Finally at the season finale at New Hampshire, the 31 car, Earnhardt's teammate got into victory lane, albeit not with the person who was in the 31 was Dale was around, Mike Skinner. Instead, Robby Gordon would pilot the #31 Lowe's car to victory lane, and like with Steve Park, this was his only win on an oval.
In the end, Jeff Gordon would run away with the title, his fourth in seven years, but by the end of the season, all five full time teams under the DEI or RCR umbrella would score a victory (all seven if you include APR), including some pretty unlikely winners, like Hamilton, Nemechek, Robby Gordon, Ward Burton, Ricky Craven, and Elliott Sadler in the 21.
EDIT: Thanks for all the extra little bits of trivia, this is really expanding what was originally just a couple of tidbits of data.
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2020.09.10 10:20 ArnulfoBotsford Best Platforms for E-Learning

What is eLearning?
Understanding eLearning is simple. eLearning is learning utilizing electronic technologies to access educational curriculum outside of a traditional classroom. In most cases, it refers to a course, program or degree delivered completely online.
There are many terms used to describe learning that is delivered online, via the internet, ranging from Distance Education, to computerized electronic learning, online learning, internet learning and many others. We define eLearning as courses that are specifically delivered via the internet to somewhere other than the classroom where the professor is teaching.
It is not a course delivered via a DVD or CD-ROM, video tape or over a television channel. It is interactive in that you can also communicate with your teachers, professors or other students in your class. Sometimes it is delivered live, where you can “electronically” raise your hand and interact in real time and sometimes it is a lecture that has been prerecorded.
There is always a teacher or professor interacting /communicating with you and grading your participation, your assignments and your tests. eLearning has been proven to be a successful method of training and education is becoming a way of life for many citizens in North Carolina.
To find out more about eLearning, simply select from the links given below:
Kick Data: A learning platform that makes the organization lift. Whether you are in need of a complete LMS, specific e-courses or want to tailor your own educations , KlickData has the solution.
With our learning platform and solid experience of digitally based education , we give you and your organization the opportunity for lasting competence development.
Wok Craft: WOK is the online Knowledge Learning Network for Quiz! Take, create and edit multiple-choice questions in all categories of World of Knowledge.
Put questions into quizzes. Or take quizzes made by others in any subject. We have now a live community that has produced over 500000 questions in WOK for on top of Wikipedia.
Wok World: WOK is short for World of Knowledge. A project that started in 2009 to create the Knowledge Network WOK. It's a nonprofit educational project to enhance learning around the globe by combining three elements.
Wiki Master: WikiMaster is an app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices that give you quizzes to wikipedia articles. Yes. WikiMaster has everything that Wikipedia has. We have just added a new dimension of fun: The quizzes to Wikipedia! Join the social network that makes you smarter.
Quiz King: Best Platofrms for Quiz
Wiki Flip: WikiFlip is an addictive app. No matter if you sit on the bus. Or need to study hard to pass an exam. Or just love trivia quiz to challenge yourself. Spending time on your smartphone and in the Knowledge Network WOK will never be time wasted with WikiFlip. Study a topic and learn more about stuff will be more fun with WikiFlip and with WOK. Forever.
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Trivia: How to Transform Your Data Projects With Graph ... Data Sleuth Trivia Live Stream - YouTube Trivia: Three Tragic Tales of Data Loss & How We Can Learn ... Data Sense: Quiz Reviews - YouTube

The Best 250+ Trivia Questions with Answers OpinionStage

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  4. Data Sense: Quiz Reviews - YouTube
  5. Collecting data safely with quizzes
  6. Data validation for quizzes and file uploads in Google ...
  7. Trivia: Data Warehousing as Code: Secrets to Using SQL to ...

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Quizzes are powerful marketing tools for collecting personal information from potential customers. However, data privacy is growing more strict globally, with regulations like the EU's GDPR and ... Pre-event trivia hosted by Eric David Benari from the Database Month NoSQL & NewSQL NYC Meetup: 🔒 Data Warehousing as Code: Secrets to Using SQL to Build You... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Try watching this video on, or enable JavaScript if it is disabled in your browser. Reviews of the online quizzes in Canvas to accompany the book 'Data Sense: An Introduction to Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences,' by Barton Poulson of d... Try watching this video on, or enable JavaScript if it is disabled in your browser.